It’s true; x-rays have been a tool used by doctors and veterinarians alike since the late 1800s, but trust us when we say that our Advanced Digital X-Ray machine is anything but 19th century technology. Here at Malletts Bay Veterinary Hospital in Colchester, VT, we pride ourselves our ability to produce high-quality, digital images to help our veterinarians detect and prevent illness.

X-Ray allows our practitioners to take a look inside your pet’s body in an entirely non-invasive way. Plus, our technicians are highly trained to ensure that your canine or feline companion’s radiology experience is as stress-free as possible. The images that we take are always sent to a local, board-certified veterinary radiologist to be interpreted quickly and accurately.

If your pet is in need of advanced digital x-ray services, have them done here at Malletts Bay Veterinary Hospital. Click or call today to get started.